Bruce Family Dinner at Schooner
18 June 2011

At the Schooner Restaurant, we have all those decisions to make........ before we can get down to visiting!
Monica T Lemoine (red blouse), Jared Dillon (white shirt), TK (baby) Gerald Lemoine, Judie and Max Bruce
Judie and Max Bruce
Robert, Howard, and Sandra Pendergrass
Brandon Roy (white shirt), Stephanie Roy (black), Elicia T Dillon (turquoise blouse), Bonnie Turnbull (turquoise lace blouse) Steven Haufpuir (green shirt)
Four generations: Bonnie Turnbull (lace),
mother of Elicia (turq),
mother of Stephanie (black),
mother of Taylor (baby)
Dorothy and Bill Bruce
Christi (Bruce) and Charles Day
Tommy Sheppard (striped shirt)
Jared Dillon ---- was this dessert #3???
Bonnie Turnbul and her daughter Collette
Max Bruce talking about "old times".
Collette Turnbull and her son Steven Haufpuir (pink dress; green shirt)
Garland Allison and friend
Melissa and Bobby Sheppard
Danny and Cathy (Bruce) Calume
Cousins Cathy and Bill

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