Class of 1958

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pictures on this page by Buddy Kralik


Charles Postlewate, Buddy Kralik,
and Adolph Delgado
Buddy Kralik, Bo Greer, and Ervin Lee Wegner
Bill Boyers and Buddy Kralik
Barta Busby, Jennette Kralik, Charles Postlewate, Stanford Busby,
and Marisa Postlewate
Barta Busby, Jennette Kralik, Marie Trimmings Melton,Stanford Busby, and Charles Postlewate
... add Marisa Postlewate on the right.
Cynthia Croft Wood, Robert Wood,
and Connie Taylor Smoot
Buddy Kralik's wife Pat, Jeannette Owings Hanson, Donna Fest, Claude Fest,
Joyce Waldrip White, and
Edward Hanson (Jeannette's husband).
Richard Cooper, Buddy Kralik, Craig Tally,
and Claude Fest
Mary Lewis, Charles Postlewate,
Julia and Allen Chamberlain