January 24, 2007

James Belcher
Dad of Marion. Picture taken late 2002
James - January 24, 1919 - May 13, 2006
Molly, the loving wonder dog, with James and listmember Marion.
Kay Bruce
Molly Belcher
Marion says "You can see Molly's face in this picture and get a sense of her vibrant personality. We got her because Dad - despite his memory problems - had not in any way forgotten about dogs. "I want a dog, we need a dog, let's get a dog"...almost everyday he asked. At the vet's: Free to Good Home, 5 month-old purebred black Labrador Retriever. We went to see her and left the decision up to Dad who was already head-over-heels in love, as were we all. Not only has she been a stalwart companion of his, she charmed the caregivers, provided a certain essential kind of respite for me, and brought unbridled enthusiasm into our home.
Dorothy says, "As Marion states, dogs (and cats and other pets or animals) offer companionship, and just by sitting and stroking the fur helps relieve stress, for ANY of us. Isn't that true, Helene, with your goats?"
Helene (the mom) and Helena (the listmember) 2000, just weeks before she died.
"To ME the "pose" is simply the essence of Caregiving ;-))
The unconscious posing...Mother's utter trust and dependency, my utter protectiveness...."
Helena's FACE!
(contributed by Sally)
Helena, Sally in Maine, Lyn
summer 2006 in Washington State.
by Sally
Sally's Maine. She says " I love the fog strip on the water, with tree tops sticking out above. It's pretty much low tide here; high tide, the ramp from the wharf to the floats is almost straight. I think the difference between the highest high tide and lowest low is something like 18'. Pretty cool to watch it change through the lunar cycle.

Pictures posted by Dorothy Odom Bruce

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