Penny at Leeza's Place

Penny with the Manager of the
Brooklyn NY Leeza's Place.
Penny with the Chef....
(always a nice person to befriend!)
(DOB note: Penny professes to be "shy and retiring"..... hahahahaha yea! right!)
Penny with TV Personality, Leeza Gibbons, whose mother has Alzheimer's Disease
Penny states "I think the opening day at Leeza'e Place went well."
At the respite center, Penny attended sessions on "Scrapbooking", honoring her mother.
Penny by the Memory Wall
This wall is a Tribute to Alzheimer's Patients,
at The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation
Penny pointing to Mom
"I was quite impressed with Cathy Warburton's (the manager) determination to make the place work,
to be a resource center, to link to city agencies etc."
"I did think Leeza was nice, I admit I never heard of her until I was introduced to the place and the young manager told me who she was. Ms Warburton is only 25 and she is helping me make mom's life available for all time."     "If it were not for this list I would still be the angry bitter woman that got started with a local doctor who said something like "so what if she is a little Alzheimer, nothing medically I can do for her." I was so shocked and saddened that this was the state of medicine in the US."       "It took months to get hooked up with Mt. Sinai, this list and an elder care attorney for the Medicaid stuff. So much has happened and I have you guys for support.       We are all so different coming from all over the country and world that I feel the burden is somewhat smaller, thanks to all of you with the same sibling MIA, (DOB note: missing in action ie, siblings who don't "participate in CG" in any way, shape or form.) problems and sadness of this disease. I love joking with you also as it does help." (from a list message 7 Nov 2005)

Pictures posted by Dorothy Odom Bruce

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