The Blessings of Grandchildren - 19
posted Sept 09, 2012

Presenting Weston Lee Ham, born September 4, 2012; weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces!
And it looks like a full head of dark hair, from the picture below!
Note on the pacifier: The new mom, proud, but exhausted Bee, said initially that she did not want to use the pacifier for a few days, but Jae, the proud father, otherwise known as Jerrold, Jr., said they "finally" broke down and used it so they could get some rest.
(hehehehe.... think ALL of us "more experienced" parents know what THIS is like!)

The grizzled ole..... or rather OLD - but proud - Grandfather is Jerry Ham,
known to write appropriate poems on the Alzheimer's List.
The proud Grandmother is Donnelyn Ham.

Pictures posted by Dorothy Odom Bruce

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