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November 26, 2009

The Hillman Girls.
Picture taken just one month before "Mom" Hillman died on Nov 11, 2008.
John after he was diagnosed in 2007 at age 55.
John at Giza, Nov 2007. John's interest in Egypt grew from the time he was a kid living on the farm, reading National Geographic. The trip was the "dream come true" for John and Betsy. The time of year was perfect, and it was a peaceful period in that country, even though they saw armed guards at various places.
Betsy and John at Abu Simbel, the monument that was dismantled in the early 60s and moved to this location when Lake Nasser was filling.
John's Mom, Anne Norlin (died in 2008). Picture was taken July 27, 2003, at the family cabin in Colorado. "This was a family reunion picnic in an aspen grove on the property. Mom was having a great time with everyone on hand and even though she was struggling with AD, her personality shown through. Most of my photos from this time frame of Mom show fear of the camera."

Pictures posted by Dorothy Odom Bruce

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