September 19, 2009

With 57 patches from the Alzheimer's Care Giver's List,
Janet contributed the many memories of our loved ones to the National traveling quilt display.
Janet laid out the patches in much the same way they will be stitched together and made into the hanging backdrops for the traveling quilt displays. "Just think, it will take 10,000 of these patches to make all the backdrops needed!" Janet thanks all who sent names to be included in this project. "It is a remarkably poignant way to keep the words
Alzheimer's Disease out there for all to see".
Diane says what we all say to Janet: "Thank you, Janet, for all the love, the amazing compassion and the incredible work that you put into this project! It leaves me in awe and with a full heart thinking of all these names and the pain and patience and LOVE that they represent with so many folks suffering with this miserable disease in their lives and the lives of those they love and care for! It's almost as if it were one big huge prayer put out there!"
Lee Ann, a newbie on the list states: "... what a beautiful thing to do and like you said, it keeps this horrible disease in the forefront and lets people know that the
people it has affected have names and families
who although we may have lost our loved one, they have just changed addresses
and one day, we will be reunited again ..."

Pictures posted by Dorothy Odom Bruce

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