posted July 7, 2007
Helena's Virtual Birthday Party

Saturday, March 10, here at Rabbit Hill, and no, not for Mother (although we've all had MARVELOUS parties in her honor here before)
but for ME! MY birthday ;-)) I"ll be 71, which THIS year feels "old" given this drated PA or RA or inflammatory arthritis or whatEVER it is. LOL, who'd uv ever thunk *I* would feel "old!"
I'm REALLY in the mood for a good party, so please please PLEASE come and let's have dancing and balloons and yummy foods and
LOTS of laughter and jokes and pretty clothes!! Musical instruments galore... all our LOs could use a good party too, don't you think?
Let's PARTY!!!
Love, Helena!!!

Happy 71st Birthday to Helena!
The credit for the following is given to Jennifer.
"Oh well, I have a very special camera, it surely takes virtual photos with ease, just take a look....

" is the birthday girl herself, Helena, with her margarita in hand *wink* "
"with her favorite mentor, Geri "
"and all the rest of the friends on this list!"
" Oh it'll be a frabjous day for a (birthday) party! Come one, come all, let your spirits wander and have FUN!! Good grief, we all DESERVE some real old fashioned FUN: it's been such a hard year for so many and it's frankly time to relax and get silly in truly excellent company. "
"okay, there has to be some clean up afterwards.......Me???? that figures!LOL" Jennifer
Okay Everyone -- all together now HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELENA ! It's only 8:40 AM here on the West coast. I happen to know Helena doesn't get up until late late in the morning. We'll all be there when she gets up. ;-))) Shhhhh she needs a quiet cup of coffee before being 'sociable' and then I expect her to party all day!    Lyn T.
"Ohhh Helena ! Count me in ! Let's see.... I think you said at one point you like crab cakes...I'll bring enuf for all San Francisco sourdough bread, cheese, and a bottle of wine. Chocolate - the truly pure kind will be welcomed.
I'll come in purple, my favorite color. My Mother (d.1981) will dance with any partner available. Daddy will play our Steinway...albeit somewhat slowly ...and speaking of I'm sure our beloved 'Susan" from the list won't miss the opportunity to say Happy Birthday.  With love," Lyn T.
You wonderful young lady! Enjoy your marvelous party and have a piece of cake for me (I love cake). debbie , California
Ahhh, you're still a young un. Tax man will be at my house on your birthday, so I can't come, but I send you all sorts of wonderful greetings and I'll be joining in all the festivities and eating all those goodies, which, luckily have no calories--how great is that!!! Betty
I'm bringing my brownies, so all you chocoholics, get ready. (I've discovered recently that adding a pinch of cinnamon brings out the chocolate even more....)
I'll bring the camera, too, get pix of Helena and Blackberry sharing bday brownies.    -Sally

And while we are planning our virtual party, Sally's skiff in Maine is iced in!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And thanks for giving US a rather grand occasion to celebrate! I bet we could all use it.... this morning, I marveled at the blooming trees..... have no idea what they are, but they are white! And the last of the pansies.... with some late daffodils, and tulips beginning to show color!
I know, I know... you and carol, and penny, are still seeing SNOW! But I thought I would bring you SPRING COLOR this morning, to share.... ok.... so I'm a day early! I'm ready to start NOW!
ok... carol......TEXAS Blue Bell, too!    Dorothy
With the lobster and chocolate accounted for, I'll bring a certain scallop dish! I have been assured that I'll have a dance partner. :-)
Jean B., who must go rummage for party clothes...
Dear, dear Helena,
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!
I'm a little late getting here (just fashionable late) but please take note that I have brought a huge cooler of margaritas and all the fixin's for fajitas! Snack on the chips and salsa & sip a little while I start the wood fire for the fajita meats.
It is soooooo good to see everyone who is here!!!!!! So many of them have been missed so desperately. Let the party begin!    JanetSw.
This is too much fun, I'm feeling woozy - Margaritas or aging, doesn't matter. Betty

Sounds like a great party in the works!!!!!! Ruth Barton
This is "really" Geri, our beloved "specialist"!

Pictures posted by Dorothy Odom Bruce

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