Not exactly "Dinner on the Ground" as the Palestine Railroad Park has picnic tables.
Members and guests enjoy this annual meeting in a more informal setting.
In addition to the delicious fried fish, french fries and hush puppies,
one table was spread to overflowing, with dishes provided by the ACHC Membership.
Another table was covered with home-made desserts.
Leading the cooking was Jimmy Ray Odom,
with guest Joe and his son, Chris, to prepare the fish with batter.
Bringing a part of the "historical" to the evening, Jimmy is using the old cook pot that belonged to
Kathy Odom's father, and it is well-seasoned having cooked fish for many years!
Bill Bruce watches one pot of frying fish.
Karla Lang and Beverly Odom
welcome our speaker Jack Selden.
Chris, Mrs. Bailey and Beverly Bailey Odom
Before we get to partake of all the many dishes for our dinner, Jack Selden entertains us with stories from his latest historical project... "The Minutes of Anderson County". He told stories from the early days of the county giving us an insight into how life was in our beginning towns.

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