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16 April 2011
The marker is located in front of the Museum for East Texas Cultures at 400 Micheaux, Palestine, Texas. ACHC President and Marker Chairman Jimmy Ray Odom is ready for the Dedication Ceremony.
Mayor Herrington, Judge Johnston, Jill Frawner
ACHC Board is introduced
Speakers from Palestine School Classes present their Memories of Dr. Frizzell
Celia Smith (1942); Newell Kane (1946); Pete Kolstad (1920); Newell Braly (1930).
Lizzi Langenkamp
Bun and Sue Price
Lurlene Corne and Louise Spaith
Superintendent Thomas Wallis; Commissioner Kenneth Dickson; Bill Bruce
Mamaw Kathy Odom with grandson Malachi Odom
Some family members of Dr. Frizzell have come from Athens and Corpus Christi.{ko}
Mayor Herrington begins the dedication with the Invocation and the Pledges to the US and Texas Flags.{ko}
Marker Chairman Jimmy Ray Odom talks about Texas Historical Markers
Superintendent Wallis praises the work of Dr. Frizzell durng the early days of Palestine Schools.
Celia Smith, Newell Braly and Newell Kane relate their memories of Dr. Frizzell.{ko}
Great Niece Janie Frizzell Boyd, Great Niece Susan Shelby Torrance and Great Nephew Bill Frizzell relate some of their fond childhood memories of their "Uncle Bonner". {ko}
Janie Frizell Boyd brings greetings and thanks to ACHC for the honor bestowed on Dr. Frizzell, from other family members who could not attend.
Great-great Nephew Tague Frizzell, Great Nephew Tommy Frizzell and Great Nephew Bill Frizzell chat with Newell Braly.
President Odom announces our adjournment for the unveiling on the front lawn. {ko}
The Historical Marker is unveiled and ceremonial pictures are taken.{ko}
On behalf of the Museum, Dirctor Dan Dyer accepts the marker.
Celia Smith presents to Dan Dyer for the Museum, a book written by Dr. Frizzell on the family of Davis Allen Owen.
Janie Boyd has closing remarks and the Benediction.
Family Members pose for one last picture.
After the ceremony, 7 year old Malach Odom reads the marker inscription.{ko}

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