19 June 2010
Located in front of the Museum for East Texas Cultures at 400 Micheaux, Palestine, Texas (Old Jr. High School)
Steve Jenkins opens the program with an Invocation
Welcome and Recognitions
by VP Bonnie Woolverton
Bonnie tells the importance of Historical Markers and the significance of the Anderson County Historical Commission. {kmo}
Marker Chairman, Jimmy Ray Odom, explains the routine for choosing a subject for a marker, research needed to complete the documentation to satisify all the Texas State Requirements for securing approval for markers.
Jimmie introduces the Honorable Linda Ray, County Judge in Anderson County Commissioners Court, who oversees the work of the Historical Commission. The Judge thanks Jimmy Ray for his "dogged determinataion" in securing Historical Markers for the county, and thanks him and all who worked with him to get this most worthy marker to honor Coach Knight.
Former students, like Wendell Reed, are then asked to relate their memories of Junior High days under Coach Knight.
With a variety of ages attending, it is told by all of Coach Knight's love of sports, AND the kids!
His displine and his concern and love for each one was evident by the many stories told. (Gary Vaughn (black/white shirt); Glenn Vaughn (plaid shirt))
Many recalled the "Tennis Shoe" encouragement! ...
... like Richard Farris
Curtis Fitzgerald
Jacky Cherry
Harold Sumrall
Danny Westmoreland
Tim Tripplet
Katie Wilson
W. P. (Chubby) Alford
Mayor Bob Herrington
Robert Lane
Debbie Myers was the "teen" dance partner with Coach Knight, during rainy day gym classes.
Jerry Hanson
Outside for unveiling and acceptance of the Bob Knight Historical Marker
Jacky Cherry accepts the marker for all students and friends            {kmo}
Dan Dyer, Museum Director, accepts the marker for the Museum.
Former students gather to help unveil the Historical Marker for Coach Bob Knight.
After the ceremony, our Benediction is given.
All agree with Judge Ray, that Jimmy Odom works hard to prove each Historical Marker application. {kmo}
Displayed were many certificates and plaques that had been presented to Bob over the years,including his whistle, used during his coaching career.

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