25 September 2010
This vacant lot holds many memories of those who once attended Banks School. Located on the corner of Dye and Jackson Streets, many still live around this area who attended or had children who attended this school. It was a two-story brick building, and many remember the fire escape slides from the second floor. Banks School served the African-American community in the "South End" for 53 years.

Waiting for ceremony to begin...
Crowd overflows into the yard and SHADE!
Marker Chairman Jimmy Ray Odom checks out the microphone,
then Reginald O. Browne, Jr. 1950's student welcomes the audience of former students, former teachers, and community frends.
Anne Word-Hudson, student during 1940's, adds words of welcome.
Elder Namon Latson, from the New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church opens the ceremony with an Invocation.
Superintendent of PISD, Thomas Wallis, adds his appreciation for perserving the history of this school.
Reginald Browne and Mildren Smith add their welcome to those attending.
ACHC Chairman, Rudy Ramirez, introduces County and City Officials.
Freta Myers-Parkes, Former PISD School Board Member, reflects on the Educational History of the Banks School.
Lucretia Muse-Jones reflects on her days as a student at Banks during the 1940's.
Anita Ross, student during the 1950's recalls "Discipline" in the classes.
Jimmie Cummings, Sr.was both a former student AND then a Principal (1964-5).
He remembered how the students had to walk to Lincoln School for their lunches.
Miriam Lenora Reeves-Williams, Former Teacher (1955-65), saw several of her students at the event, and they responded with a round of applause! She related that "Kids wanted to learn because their parents wanted them to learn, and this was encouraged in the home".

Gwen Reeves lived across the street from the school. The school was the neighborhood playground. When they added Kindergarten classes, she was one of the first students... said she felt like they were "Little Red Cabooses" as they closed the school that year, and THEY were at the end. (1967)
At last! The moment of unveiling!
Luther Gladney, (student 1950's) and Vivian Smith-Hinton (student 1930's) and Reginald Browne had the honors.
Theresa Smith Browne reads the inscription.
Close to 100 attended this Marker Dedication, many with cameras of all kind!
Ann Word-Hudson (student (1940's) leads the audience in the Marker Dedicaton Litany.
Current owner of this land, Jonathan Deckard, (Student 1960's) formally accepts the marker.
The Honorable Linda Ray, Judge Commissioner's Court, brings remarks,
thanking the ACHC, Mr. Odom, and all those who did research,
and filled out forms, for this school to be remembered in the history of Anderson County.
The Benediction is offered by Elder Latson,
and the crowd poses for pictures, visits with classmates and friends,
and disperses to the Reception at the Museum.


Charlene Hutchinson "rings the class bell", calling this event to a close.
Former classmates pose around the Historic Marker for their Elementary School.
Former student, Rodney Smith with his principal, Jimmie Cummings Sr, and Vivian Smith-Hinton.
.. Thanks to the City Councilman, Vernon Denmon for ordering the road blocks, to make sure that both the dedications were safe for all.

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