Class of 1958 - 60th Reunion
October 6, 2018

---- is this REALLY the LAST REUNION
for EHS Class of 1958 ???"

Thanks to the STEERING COMMITTEE for their dedication in organizing this reunion:


David and Kathy Murray
Charles Postlewate
Connie Taylor Smoot
Nancy Weaver Camp
Mary Lewis Mora

Coordinator and Treasurer
Publicity and Locator
Co-Publicity, Name Tags and Directory
Faculty Contact
Classmate Contact Assistance

(Captions read from LEFT TO RIGHT in each picture.)

Saturday night, October 6, 2018:

Joe Granato,in the foreground, seated in a white shirt and brown cap, with his 10th bottle
of Bud Light in front of him, has just confessed to Hal Fiesler's daughter, Tama Fiesler Bentley
(in the purple dress), what he and his buddy Hal did during their younger days at Delmar College,
and she is thinking with astonishment,
-- I cant believe my sweet, innocent father did those things.

Meanwhile, as Elma & John Dallmann (blue shirt) and Ralph Buller (brown striped shirt) chit-chat
while sipping mint juleps under a lamp in the far back of the room, Tommy Black (husband of classmate
Maxine Krause Black and wearing suspenders) & Kathy (Mrs. David) Murray (across the table, in white)
converse in the center, Pat (yellow blouse) & husband (our classmate) Joe Walker listen in the
background to the left, and Betty Sims Sanders (in green) tries to block the camera,
Cynthia Croft Wood (in the black dress) smiles at Hal Fiesler (in the olive shirt and black baseball cap)
as he contemplatively wonders,
-- Now, just what in the Hell are all these old people doing at my reunion?

Charles Postlewate EHS Class of 1958 Reporter

Thanks to Stanford Busby for the pictures on this page.