Class of 1958 - 60th Reunion
October 6, 2018

---- is this REALLY the LAST REUNION
for EHS Class of 1958 ???"

Thanks to the STEERING COMMITTEE for their dedication in organizing this reunion:

David and Kathy Murray
Charles Postlewate
Connie Taylor Smoot
Nancy Weaver Camp
Mary Lewis Mora

Coordinator and Treasurer
Publicity and Locator
Co-Publicity, Name Tags and Directory
Faculty Contact
Classmate Contact Assistance

(Captions read from LEFT TO RIGHT in each picture.)

Tama Fiesler Bentley (Hal's daughter)
Joe Granato (white shirt)
Cynthia Croft Wood (standing)
Hal Fiesler (black cap)
Joe Walker & wife Pat seated behind Cynthia

Seated in background to right of Hal
Elma & John Dallmann (blue)
Ralph Buller
Tommy Black's back (suspenders)
Kathy Murray (in white facing Tommy) to the right
of Hal (black hat)

Seated foreground:
Tama Fiesler Bentley (Hal's daughter)
Joe Granato (white shirt)

Hal Fiesler (just barely on left)
Charles Postlewate (with E cap)
Buster Smoot (standing far back)
Betty Sims Sanders (green)
Carol Kimes Chriswell & Diane Frank Platt seated left of Charles
Cathleen Knowles Brown (blue print)
& husband Bill (blue plaid) seated in front of Charles
Pat Wilson (Class of 1957) (far right edge in green)
Michelle Key (Ronnie Key's daughter, in yellow)
seated to right of Charles.

Ann (Mrs. Bruce) Moore (standing in black,
talking to seated) Tommie Black (suspenders)
and wife Maxine Krause Black
(background) Connie Taylor Smoot takes photo of
Charles Postlewate & Cynthia Croft Wood.

Bill Boyers (standing)
Molly (Mrs. Craig) Tally
Craig Tally (light blue)

Back table:
David Murray
Virginia Mattke Duke (EHS Class of 1953)
Kellie Henderson (daughter of Virginia Mattke Duke)

Elma (Mrs. John) Dallman (back to camera)
John Dallman (blue)
Ralph Buller (black/brown shirt)

Robert Morisey (purple plaid)
Elsa Crain (Robert's friend),
two Cash Bar servers in background

Charles Postlewate introducing our Guest of Honor
Virginia Mattke Duke (Class of 1953 & former ALL EHS Coordinator)

standing background
Noel Harvey (tan)
Steve Shomette (green)

seated L-R:
Diane Frank Platt (red/black)
Bruce Moore (in white, back to camera)
Marisa (Mrs. Charles) Postlewate (over Bruce's head)
Vernon Enderlin (striped shirt)
Nancy Weaver Camp (turquoise plaid)
Pat Wilson (green) (Class of 1957, husband of Esther Epstein)

seated background right:
Charles Becker
Earl Ross Lawler (blue plaid)

seated foreground right:
Billie Gene McCrary Pfeiffer, husband Carl Pfeiffer (green shirt)
Cathleen Knowles Brown (blue print)

Betty Sims Sanders (green) reading NEW EDISON DIRECTORY
as Craig Tally tells an astonished Connie Taylor Smoot
what he has been doing these past six decades.

Marie Trimmings Melton talks to Hal Fiesler about
California wildfires as Jennette Kralik (Class of 1962
& sister of Buddy Kralik) claps with glee
and David Murray simply smiles at what a great job he
and his wife, Kathy, did coordinating this beautiful event
Thank you David & Kathy!!

Nancy Weaver Camp listens to Robert Laughlin
talk about being flooded last year in Hurricane Harvey,
while he prays that disaster will NOT strike again.

Thanks to Stanford Busby for the pictures on this page.