Veterans Day Program in Palestine, Texas
12 November 2011

The day is windy making the flags flutter, the trees are colorful in the park.
The wind toppled the POW flag stand several times, until a Veteran came forward to hold it upright for the rest of the program.
Thanks to this unknown young veteran, who knew what to do, and when to do it!
JR tries to get the TV camera on HIM.... but the distinguished speaker gets the spotlight instead!
Hosted by the Veterans Historic Education Center, Director Evelyn Cupit welcomes the crowd,
reminding all to remember the sacrifices made for our freedoms.
City Councilman Vernon Denman
adds his words of gratitude.

Mayor Herrington encouraged all to thank our veterans, and reminding us that they always do their jobs, whether we see them or not.
Sheriff Taylor, expressed gratitude to veterans.
Our distinguished speaker,
Retired Lt.Col. John Davis, Marine Corps,
was the grand marshal for the parade. He spoke of his experiences during World War II.
Men of the local National Guard Armory join us for the ceremonies.
The VVA Chapter 911 Honor Guards demonstrate the proper folding of the flag, as the significance of the 13 folds are stated.

Flag Folding according to the significance of the 13 folds.
(movie thanks to Kathy Odom)

This folded flag was presented to Allan Ayo Sr, a WWII veteran.
And through this ceremony, the veteran is maintaining his "voluntary" post, and at attention.
Ike Weatherly is presented a plaque by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 911.

His son, Brandon D. Weatherly was killed while serving in the U.S. Navy in 1995
during the Gulf War.
A three-round volley Salute is given by the VVA Chapter 911 Honor Guard.
Taps.... and salutes....... and VHEC Founder Anne Coleman, thanks the crowd for coming.


Gathering for a Group photo.

Around the sidewalks at the Veteran Memorial Park are bricks engraved to honor Palestine residents who gave service in any war.


Pictures posted by Dorothy Odom Bruce
Thanks to Kathy Odom for some pictures

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